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Banner Design Studio 5.1

Design static or animated flash and GIF banners
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Creates Flash and GIF banners. Works with both static and animated content, embeds numerous templates, supports hyperlinks and more.

Banner Design Studio is a kind of software that does exactly what its name suggests: it helps you design animated or static flash and gif banners easily. The nice thing about it, at least in my opinion, is that it requires no graphic or design knowledge or experience. I have used it and, practically, it did the whole work for me. Banner Design Studio is so easy to use, thanks to its numerous templates, first of all. You only need to choose the background you prefer – static or animated, the text, the images and the effects and all about it! In just a few clicks your job is done. Yet, its easiness of use doesn’t mean its features are scarce. When you work on the text, you can import fonts, apply effects, add hyperlinks and so on. This is also the case for importing and editing images (you can adjust an image, flip and rotate it, change its position, etc). The feature I prefer is the one that allows you to use the already existing dynamic shape generator to create different shapes or access symbols from a library of 4000 symbols which you can use to highlight whatever you think it’s of interest and must be emphasized. “Banner Design Studio” is unbelievably simple to use, compared to the product it can create, and I will warmly recommend it to all those who agree that advertising is everything in any business.

Amelia Wagner
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  • It requires no graphic expertise whatsoever
  • The program has numerous templates that makes it easy to use


  • It requires at least 150 MB of free hard disk space
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